We are the anti-choir!

Our story

Bringing a DIY punk ethos and attitude we believe that everyone can sing. So, whilst talent is appreciated, enthusiasm is essential.

With more than 50 regular members, when we perform you can expect a choir of at least 25 singers belting out a mix of popular and less familiar punk numbers as well as a few songs that might not traditionally be thought of as punk but certainly carry a similar vibe.

Our current set includes songs by Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, Wire, Dead Kennedys, The Damned, Siouxsie & The Banshees, X-Ray Spex, The Raincoats, Blondie, Tom Waits and The Lovely Eggs.

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Hastings Punk Choir was formed in late 2021, a few years after Karen, our fearless leader, moved down from the big smoke. She was impressed with the choice of choirs in the town but struggled to find one that reflected her taste in music. Inspired by her time in the Bethnal Green-based Punk Choir, she decided to start own.

Tom, a mere whippersnapper of a lad who was barely even alive in the 70s, answered Karen’s ad calling for a musical director who was interested in teaching and arranging some of the best punk numbers of the 70s and beyond. Enthusing about songs, bands, harmonies and arrangements, the two formed an instant connection, although Karen did draw a line at beat boxing.

A venue was secured for rehearsals thanks to the generosity of Rachel and Rebecca, founders of the Electric Palace Cinema.

The word was put out and Karen, Tom, Rachel and Rebecca held their collective breath wondering if anyone would actually turn up. Happily, a load of punksters did.

A few months later, with just 5 songs, the choir was ready for their first gig – a series of short sets across a variety of venues at the Unplugged Saturday  sessions for Hastings Fat Tuesday 2022.

It was raucous. A bit chaotic. Quite loud. Certainly irreverent. But mostly fun.

Since then the Hastings Punk Choir has gone from strength to strength, regularly performing at local events and a few even further afield. We’ve done Hastings Carnival, Pride, Fat Tuesday, Frock Up Friday. Other highlights include Small World Festival, LOUD Women at The Piper as well as providing backing vocals and a video appearance for Frank From Blue Velvet.

Our values

We are a community choir and everyone is welcome. We’re a friendly bunch of punks. We believe anyone can sing. There are no auditions and we don’t use sheet music. It costs £3 to £5 per session – pay what you can afford. Just come and have fun. How to join the choir


Special appreciation to the Electric Palace Cinema for the generous use of their venue and giving us the courage to go for it in the early days. We really wouldn’t be here without them. 

And a big thank you to Joe, the punk artist, who designed our amazing logo.

And we mustn’t forget to thank and credit Cheryl, Lisa and Simona who put together the amazing Punk Choir video that appears on our homepage.


The Ramones appear live

Sex Pistols’ first gig

The Clash perform for the first time

Hastings Punk Choir founded

Let us sing for you!

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